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  • Brit Hotel Sarreguemines
    Brit Hotel Sarreguemines


in Sarreguemines

Sarreguemines, situated east of Metz and close to the French-German border, is a pleasant town and a must-see during a visit to the North-East of France.

Unmissable sites

Several sites are worth visiting during a stay in Sarreguemines:

The Pottery Works Museum

Several collections of objects, as well as entertainment, workshops, conferences, concerts. Pottery-making will hold no secrets for you after visiting this museum.

The Fire Road

Discover the major tourist sites and relics of the region’s rich industrial past.

The Archaeological Park of Bliesbruck Reinheim

Eager to leap into the past? Discover this archaeological park which displays the relics of a large Gallo-Roman town, and the reconstruction of a Gallic necropolis.

The Moulin de la Blies

Two sites make up the Moulin: the Museum of Earthenware, with a large collection of machines, and the contemporary garden, bordering the river.

The Maginot Line

Visit a place full of history and discover the Casso Fort, a group of 3 fortified blocks. A rich experience which will teach you more about the living conditions of soldiers.

Fine food

Lorraine is of course the land of quiche! But it is also the land of potatoes and smoked bacon. The mirabelle plum is the symbolic fruit of Lorraine, notably used to produce brandy. The Quetsche is another variety of the Lorraine prune, also used to make brandy.The most renowned wine in Lorraine is Gris-de-Toul.


Wander around in a flowered and tree-filled park, head off for a river trip, a bike trip or a game of golf...Everything is possible in Sarreguemines.